Seychelles’ integrated water strategy

The Government of Seychelles is driving forward on an integrated water resources management strategy that relies on energy efficiency, demand management, and developing alternative supply sources from rainwater harvesting and water reuse. Seychelles, a small island... read more

High EV charging demand could cause brownouts

A lack of local energy storage systems means electric cars could cause brownouts, believes John Ord, head of thermal power and energy at MWH, now part of Stantec. Speaking exclusively to New Civil Engineer, John Ord explained that without sufficient storage systems at... read more

Energy Recovery

In the medium to long term, increasing energy costs mean the world’s economies have to transition from carbon based fuels to non-carbon substitutes to mitigate climate change. The world also needs to move towards a circular economy as human demand on global... read more

Haldon Range Dam Reservoir Decommissioning

Craig Scott of MWH, now part of Stantec, gives an engineer’s personal reflections on managing an emergency dam decommissioning at Haldon Range Dam reservoir in Marlborough, New Zealand. The Haldon Range dam is a 25m high earthfill farm dam constructed for irrigation... read more

Reliability engineering is key to resilience

As a result of the 2014 Water Act and Ofwat, water companies up and down the country are increasingly studying how resilient they might be to stresses and strains, both now and in the future. Senior Principal Consultant Alec Erskine believes ‘reliability engineering’... read more