Water footprinting to improve catchment outcomes

A new water footprinting approach, ISO 14046, is being tested by MWH, now part of Stantec, Anglian Water, and Water Research Foundation. Lynette Dollar, Principal Sustainability Consultant at MWH reviews the effects and benefits of the new approach and evaluates... read more

Fundamental Equations

Many areas of science have fundamental equations. The greatest physicists the world has ever seen have left their indelible stamp on our understanding of the universe through equations. Most subjects have an equation or two that is central to their philosophy and... read more

Building the sustainable megacity of the future

The idea of the megacity is not new to our rapidly urbanising world: there are currently 425 metropolitan areas of one-million-plus people, with 650 expected by 2025. These concentrated masses of population promise to be hotbeds of innovation, creativity, and... read more

Changes and convergence challenge UK Water sector

A resilient water sector is not just about water supply and wastewater. It also relies on socio-economic, environmental, customer, human resources and supply chain factors. These challenges call for a strategic response to secure a sustainable, resilient water sector... read more